Orthopedic Surgery

Spring Creek Animal Hospital: Orthopedic Surgery

Animals are prone to sustaining injuries just as people are. When animals have issues with their bones, joints, or muscles, it is important to take them to see a qualified veterinarian. Many pet owners are concerned that their animals might have broken a bone. Perhaps the pet fell into a hole and landed awkwardly. Maybe the animal took a tumble down the stairs or fell from a great height. Regardless of how the accident happened, it is important for pets to have the attention of a trained and qualified professional. In some cases, pets might even need orthopedic pet surgery. That is where we are here to help. The trained professionals at Spring Creek Animal Hospital are always available for the citizens of San Antonio


Possible Pet Surgery for a Bone Fracture: Diagnosis

Before planning for any treatment process, it is important to make the right diagnosis. The trained vet is going to take a look at the pet and perform a detailed physical exam. The vet is going to test the range of motion of every limb, looking for any deformities and assessing the pain level of the animal. Once the exam is completed, the next step is to perform imaging to take a closer look at the bones themselves. This means assessing whether or not the bones have been moved from their proper location. In some cases, the bones may still be in place and surgery isn't needed. If the bones have been displaced, then orthopedic surgery may be required.

Pet Surgery May Be Needed

We understand that the prospect of a pet having surgery can be an anxious experience. We want everyone to know that we take every precaution to ensure that pets are as comfortable as possible during the procedure. We will use pain medicine and ensure that the pets are asleep during the process. After the surgery is completed, the recovery process can begin. This may take some time; however, we are here to walk families through every step in this process. With our help, animals will make a full recovery.

Trust the Team at Spring Creek Animal Hospital for all Pet Surgery Needs

The process of pet surgery can be difficult for families; however, we want everyone to know that we will keep you informed throughout the process. The team at Spring Creek Animal Hospital is always here for the people of San Antonio. Anyone with any questions or concerns should feel free to call us at any time at 210-599-2131. We are here to answer any questions that you might have. Trust the professional team at our hospital with all of your pet orthopedic and surgery needs!

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