Pet Boarding

If you have a cat or dog, and you need to spend an extended time away from home, finding someone to care for your pet in your absence is necessary. You can contact Spring Creek Animal Hospital in San Antonio for pet boarding services. Here is some information about the benefits of boarding your pet.

On Site Medical Care

When you board a pet at our facility, you have the peace of mind knowing that your cat or dog has access to our veterinarian should a medical emergency arise. Our veterinarian will evaluate the health of your pet on a routine basis while under our care.

Daily Updates

When you board a pet at our facility, you have the comfort of knowing that daily videos and pictures will be provided for you to see how your furry loved one is doing.

No Need to Worry About Security

Many people worry about their home when they are not there to look after it themselves. A caretaker could leave the door open or a pet could run away from home. When you board your pet, you have the benefit of knowing that your pet remains safe and secure.

Living Quarters Just Like Home

Your pet will be provided with professional care in a comfortable atmosphere. We have ample space for your pet to relax and exercise while in their temporary living quarters. Consider bringing along a few items from your home so your pet feels secure in their allotted rooming area.

Plenty of Time for Socializing

Our pet boarding facility staff members are always available to spend time with your pet. Plenty of one-on-one time is provided to ensure your pet feels at ease and having a great time!

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Contact Spring Creek Animal Hospital in San Antonio today to learn out more about pet boarding, and the other services we provide. We encourage you to make an appointment to stop by for a guided tour of our facility. Our veterinary staff can be reached by calling us at (210) 599-2131.

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