Pet Cardiology

Humans are aware of their overall health and the importance of maintaining good heart health. Animals, unfortunately, don't understand such intricate concepts and instead, as pets, rely on their owners to take care of them through pet cardiology. Some pets are going to have heart conditions no matter what happens, it isn't a sign of a bad pet owner for the animal to have health issues come up, but with that said the owner has to look out for their pets and provide them with the best possible care toward a long and fulfilling life.


Preventative Health

Just like with people, the first and most important aspect of heart health for animals is preventative in nature. A healthy diet is an absolute must for any pet's cardiology. Certain foods might be less expensive, and in some cases such foods are fine, but it's always important to read the ingredients to make sure it meets the pet's dietary needs. The second aspect of preventative health measures is to provide plenty of exercise. Exercise strengthens the heart in pets just like it does with people. What's important is to find the games a pet enjoys, whether fetch, tug of war, or running free at the dog park and romping with other pets. Or cats tend to enjoy chasing laser pointers, playing with catnip filled balls, climbing on specialty carpet cover cat furniture, or any number of other toys designed for them.

Common Cardiology Conditions and Procedures

Pets can acquire the same heart conditions as humans, such issues as disease, congestive heart failure, hypertension, or heart attacks. The treatment procedures are essentially the same, other than a few aspects of pet diet or surgery if needed which are nuanced compared to procedures for humans. The important thing to remember is that pets are unable to describe certain feelings which would usually send a person to the doctor, so they need to regularly see a veterinarian to assure their continued good health or begin early treatment if a heart problem or other disease is found.

Routine Veterinarian Visits

For pet cardiology in the San Antonio area, the veterinarians at Spring Creek Animal Hospital are available to meet your pet's needs and assure they live a long and healthy life. We offer routine care for your pet and emergency services as needed. We look forward to meeting your pet, so give us a call to schedule an appointment, we'll do an initial health evaluation to set a baseline, and update your pet's file each year at her annual checkup or during the year if something comes up which requires more specific treatment.

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