Pet Memorials

On behalf of the staff at Spring Creek Animal Hospital, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed. We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Click here to submit your pet memorial online.

Vegeta Hughes 


First Name: Debra & Terrill

Last Name: Hughes

Pet Name: Vegeta

Birthdate: Dec 13, 2002

Date of Passing: Dec 27, 2018 Memorial or Short Story: 

Vegeta was known as one of the most interesting dogs by many. His journey began in 2002 when his owners were on the hunt for a black, male miniature schnauzer for their youngest son who had lost his older brother that year. (There actually had been family discussions prior to that about bringing a dog into the family. ) This would be the family's first dog. The owner's parents (living close to Birmingham, AL at the time) offered to find a black, male miniature schnauzer, housebreak him and then bring him to San Antonio for their grandson's birthday. After much searching and praying, the grandmother received a call out of the blue from a man who asked if there was someone looking for a black, male, miniature schnauzer. He was heading to Lebanon, TN and there was a litter of schnauzers with one solid black puppy. So a week later, on a small country farm road in AL, the grandparents paid the man and took Vegeta to their home. They had owned many animals but never a schnauzer. There was a genuine concern about him because his tongue hung out of his mouth. After consulting their vet, they learned it was a "sign of intelligence". The grandmother was convinced the vet was joking. But the vet was 100% serious and proved to be spot on. The grandparents had to buy a special vehicle so Vegeta could make the long trip from AL to TX safely in the front seat. After a long drive, he arrived at his forever home. He ran through the front door like he knew it was his place. He had a great life with lots of love. There were many trips to McAllister Park, sometimes six days a week. He knew every path, paved and dirt. He made lot of friends. He literally walked with purpose and as if he owned the park and was "kindly" letting others enjoy it too. He was never a barker like other schnauzers. His bark was intentional to convey an important message. If a family member was under the weather, he would jump on the bed next to them. He loved to greet the trick-or-treaters with his "Batdog" cape. He never chewed up any furniture but loved old gloves and slippers. He was an amazing watch dog lovingly greeting everyone that came into his home. The grandparents continued to say he was the most incredible dog they had ever seen. He had a few medical events through his life that took him down, but not for long. Vegeta was determined to get through them all. However, he had stroke last September and as determined as he was to get his mobility back 100%, he could not. Vegeta was greeted into Heaven by his friends that had passed before him, to include the owner's oldest son. Also the Grandfather was there too to welcome Vegeta. Vegeta is whole again running around Heaven with gusto with his friends and loved ones. It is believed the oldest son had a hand in making sure Vegeta became a "Hughes" orchestrating his being located in TN and ending up in San Antonio. We have to end with Vegeta also meeting in Heaven his owner's Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Charles Burden. Grandfather Burden owned a dog named "Old Drum". Old Drum was shot by a relative, and Grandfather Burden hired a lawyer (Senator George G. Vest) to take the relative to court to seek justice. It is from that trial (Burden vs. Hornsby) that the "Eulogy of a Dog" was written. From that eulogy years later it would be paraphrased to "A Dog is a Man's Best Friend". Vegeta was our best friend friend and more. 

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