Pet Urgent & Emergency Care

Pet Urgent/Emergency Care At Spring Creek Animal Hospital

Emergencies happen no matter how careful we are.  Our pets can become suddenly ill or can be involved with an accidental injury.  At Spring Creek Animal Hospital we offer several pet services that help treat and manage these scary pet emergencies.  Below we will take a closer look at pet trauma, what conditions can be treated, and what to expect should you ever bring your pet in for urgent or emergency care.

Pet Urgent/Emergency Care At Spring Creek Animal Hospital

What is Emergency Pet Care

Emergency pet care is any type of medical attention that requires immediate action to save your pet's life.  Just like people, pets who have been injured, are sick, have been attacked, or have ingested dangerous materials require veterinarian care immediately.  Emergency pet care occurs at all hours of the day and any day of the week.  

Common Conditions Treated

There are many reasons why your cat or dog may need urgent care.  At Spring Creek Animal Hospital we regularly treat several types of ailments. Accidents resulting in broken or damaged limbs or internal bleeding require emergency care.  This can be from a car accident, fall, or an attack from another animal.  Pets that have ingested poisonous matter, such as rat poisoning or chocolate, also require immediate medical attention.  If your pet has ingested foreign materials and you suspect an obstruction within the digestive track an urgent care veterinarian may be able to help. Further, pets that have been attacked by a snack and potentially have a snake bite require urgent care.  Heat stroke is another common ailment for cats and dogs.  If your pet is showing signs of heat stroke you must bring him or her to the veterinarian's right away.  

What to Expect

The first step of any veterinarian working in emergency care is to check your pet's vitals.  This means getting a baseline for your pet's breathing and heartbeat.  Depending on the severity of the case, our veterinary team will work to stabilize your cat or dog.  From here, a diagnostic session will begin.  Learning from the owners what has happened will help to determine proper care.  Ultrasound or X-Rays will help locate internal bleeding, obstructions, or broken bones.  Your veterinarian will identify the correct course of treatment, take action, and follow up with the owners about proper after care.

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At Spring Creek Animal Hospital we know time can be of the essence when saving your pet's life.  If you suspect your pet has an emergency, please call us at (210) 599-2131.  It is always advisable to call and speak with a veterinary team member if there is any question at all that your pet requires urgent care.  Our office is conveniently located at 14837 Nacogdoches Rd., San Antonio, TX 78247.  Please reach

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