Fear Free Visits at Our San Antonio Veterinarian

The veterinarian office can be a scary place for an animal. There are strange smells, sounds, people and pets. In some cases, your pet may associate the office with previous bad experience. At Spring Creek Animal Hospital, we strive to put an end to that pet anxiety. That is why we are proud to provide fear free visits at our San Antonio veterinarian. We are fear free certified through a renowned program founded by “America’s Veterinarian,” Dr. Marty Becker.

Reducing Pet Anxiety at Our Animal Hospital in San Antonio

When your cat or dog is afraid, the physical manifestation of fear — tail tucking, teeth showing, heart racing, tensing, hiding and snapping — makes it harder for us to thoroughly examine the pet. We seek a trusting relationship with your pet. Reducing pet anxiety at our animal hospital in San Antonio starts before you arrive. We can advise you on how to calmly transport your pet. Upon arrival, you will find a peaceful, welcoming waiting room. If needed, special accommodations for an especially fearful pet can be made before the visit begins. Next, our staff uses their special training to make the transition from the waiting room to scale to the exam room as seamless as possible.

Fear Free Vet Exams

Veterinary school taught us how to examine and treat your pet for illness and injury. The Fear Free program added to that education with effective tools for fear free vet exams. We are able to read body language and respond to your pet with the right approach in touch and tone. We specialize in positive reinforcement and behavior modification. We also take into consideration the best location for procedures. This may mean we get down on the floor with the animal or take the animal to another room where your presence will not be interference. Your comfort is also important. Your questions and concerns are always welcome.

Appointments at Our Veterinarian in San Antonio

Experience fear of free vet care. Call us for an appointment at our veterinarian in San Antonio, Spring Creek Animal Hospital: (210) 255-3202.