A dog sitting outside and being given pet medication


Pet Pharmacy

When your pet visits a veterinarian, you may receive a prescription to fill. Though finding trustworthy pet medicine is sometimes difficult, at Spring Creek Animal Hospital in San Antonio, we try to make getting your pet’s prescriptions as easy as possible by putting the pharmacy at your fingertips. With some products available at our clinic and many more online, you have several ways of getting the trusted products our vets recommend for your pet.

Where Is Our Pet Pharmacy Located?

Unlike some pharmacies that have physical buildings, we provide our pet parents with the convenience of 24-hour shopping at our online pharmacy. Not only can you shop at any time of the day but you can also get your pet’s medicines delivered straight to your home.

Prescription Diet and Specialty Pet Food

If one of our veterinarians recommends a special diet for your cat or dog, you can get the food from our clinic or order it through our online pharmacy. The pet pharmacy allows for automated shipping which can save you from needing to remember to reorder your pet’s healthy diet food.

What Medications Can You Get for Your Pet?

Our pharmacy has flea and tick prevention and treatment medicines, products for healthy joints, urinary tract infection treatments, antibiotics and much more. For some products, you will need a prescription from one of our vets. Talk to the veterinarian during your pet’s visit about getting a prescription for online ordering. We try to make getting medicine for your pet as simple as we can.

Pet Medications You Can Trust

Not all sources for pet medicine are trustworthy. That’s why we created the online pharmacy option for our pet parents. This resource is a safe place to get trusted medications directly from the manufacturer, so you can feel assured of the quality and safety of the food and medicines you purchase for your pet.

Contact Us for All Your Pet’s Health Needs

At Spring Creek Animal Hospital, we take care of your pet through routine and emergency care. If you need prescriptions for your pet or need to ask us questions, feel free to contact our San Antonio clinic online or by phone (210) 599-2131. If you need pet medicine or food, drop by to pick them up, but if you need them on a weekend or after hours, visit our online pharmacy for ordering convenience and product quality assurance.