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Spring Creek Animal Hospital Offers Veterinary Diagnostics Services

Diagnostic testing allows veterinarians a detailed look at what’s going on inside an animal’s body. These techniques ensure that vets give the right treatments for pets in a shorter period of time. At Spring Creek Animal Hospital in San Antonio, TX, we use a range of diagnostic tests to help us care for our furry patients.


X-rays have been a standard diagnostic measure in veterinary practice for many years. X-rays create images of the hard structures inside of the body. This technology detects injuries and disorders of the bones, joints, and spine. However, it can also find ingested foreign objects in the gastrointestinal system.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Sonography, or ultrasound, uses sound waves to produce digital images of internal tissue. This imaging tool alerts veterinarians of changes in the internal organs that could be a sign of a disease or an injury. Ultrasound can detect a variety of problems, including reproductive issues, orthopedic disorders, heart problems, and other diseases related to the internal organs. Ultrasound is painless for animals and reduces the need for invasive exploratory surgeries.

Laboratory Tests

Veterinarians may request a sample of an animal’s urine to check for signs of infection, kidney function imbalances, and diabetes. Fecal tests can detect the presence of intestinal parasites, gastrointestinal disorders, and cancers. Blood tests provide critical information about the function of internal organs and can detect anemia, kidney problems, liver disorders, diabetes, and heart and lung problems.

Combined Test Results Provide the Most Accurate Diagnosis for Pets

Pet owners often wonder why a veterinarian requires so many tests when a problem is found. Some disorders or diseases have similar symptoms. A combination of diagnostic tests is needed to pinpoint the problem accurately. The more accurate the results are, the more veterinarians can provide treatment for your pet.

Quality Veterinary Diagnostic Services in San Antonio

Dr. Blevins, Dr. Pacheco, and the team at Spring Creek Animal Hospital are dedicated to providing compassionate, quality care for all their furry patients in San Antonio, TX, and surrounding areas. Call Spring Creek Animal Hospital today at 210-599-2131 to Make An Appointment, or to learn more about our diagnostic measures that can help your pet stay healthy and active.