A cat having their teeth checked during a dental exam

Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care At Spring Creek Animal Hospital

Dogs and cats require routine pet dental care procedures to ensure their oral hygiene needs are met throughout their lives. Failing to care for a pet’s teeth could lead to a variety of medical difficulties such as kidney and heart disease. Contacting Spring Creek Animal Hospital in San Antonio is a great way to treat any dental problem your pet is suffering from. Our veterinarian also assists with dental cleanings. Read on about pet dental care to learn why it is so important for pets.

How To Care For Your Pet’s Teeth At Home

Cleaning your pet’s teeth can be a bit tedious at first as they will most likely not enjoy the process. In time, however, most cats and dogs learn to enjoy teeth cleaning sessions. You will need a pet toothbrush and meat-flavored toothpaste. These are found at pet supply stores.

Fairly often, dogs won’t stay seated for teeth cleanings. So, when you first start cleaning your dog’s teeth, attempt to gently brush a tooth or two during one sitting. If your pet enjoys the taste of toothpaste, they will most likely comply. During subsequent sessions, add a tooth or two to the session until you are able to gently brush away debris from all the teeth. The use of pet dental treats can also help to keep tartar from accumulating on your pet’s teeth.

Signs That Your Pet Needs Dental Care Help

There are a few signs that indicate a trip to our pet dentist is necessary to tend to your pet’s teeth. If your dog or cat is having difficulty eating because of discomfort in the mouth, an examination is best. If your pet has a broken tooth, they may suffer from cuts on the interior of the mouth. If your pet has a loose tooth, it may need pulling. Bad breath indicates a bacterial problem is present inside of the mouth. 

Why Routine Dental Visits With Our Veterinarian Are Necessary

Bringing your dog or cat to see our pet dentist for pet dental care visits confirms that any problems present are treated appropriately. A dog or cat that does not have routine cleanings conducted is prone to dental difficulties. A build-up of tartar will accumulate on the teeth, leading to the potential for gingivitis and periodontal disease to soon follow. These conditions cause pain and discomfort, and eventually the loss of teeth. Routine pet teeth cleaning services is a cost-effective way to keep your pet happy and healthy with clean teeth and fresh breath.

Schedule Pet Teeth Cleaning Services in San Antonio, TX

Our veterinarian will make sure that your pet’s teeth are cleaned during each examination, minimizing the risk of these conditions. The teeth will also be checked for broken portions or misalignment problems. Treatment will be conducted as needed to keep your pet’s teeth in the best possible condition.

If your dog or cat requires pet dental care help, contact Spring Creek Animal Hospital in San Antonio for treatment. Call our practice today at (210) 599-2131 for our veterinary teeth cleaning services or Make An Appointment online today.