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Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Wellness Exam At Spring Creek Animal Hospital

Part of caring for a new dog or cat is keeping them as healthy as possible so they live a long and healthy life. Contact Spring Creek Animal Hospital in San Antonio for vet care throughout all stages of your pet’s life. Our veterinarian will conduct routine examinations, provide your pet with preventative care, and handle emergencies when needed. Here are some reasons why annual exams for your dog or cat at our practice are necessary for your pet’s well-being.

Examinations Are Done To Check Your Pet’s Health

Our veterinarian will conduct routine evaluations each year, or more frequently if recommended or requested, to check on your pet’s overall health. During these annual exams, your pet’s vitals are taken to compare with subsequent visits to determine that your pet’s weight and temperature are within the desirable range for their age and breed. If your pet is suffering from a medical difficulty, treatment will be given to stop the progression of a condition or heal it in its entirety.

Regular examinations are necessary to keep abreast of any upcoming problems before they escalate in intensity. Make sure to adhere to our veterinarian’s recommendations regarding appointment scheduling to keep your pet protected at all times.

Dogs and cats aren’t the same, so dog wellness exams and cat wellness exams aren’t either. Annual dog exams check for medical conditions specific to dogs, such as distemper. Annual cat exams check for Feline Leukemia Virus and other conditions specific to cats. For young pets, puppy and kitten wellness checks are a great way to maintain your pet’s starting health and monitor for changes.

Medical Emergencies Are Handled Properly

A pet that becomes sick or injured requires medical treatment promptly. Our vet is available to handle all types of medical emergencies including surgeries if necessary. Our veterinarian will discuss the options available for treatment before it is administered so you are aware of side effects or other conditions that may arise. Our vet is also able to prescribe medication to help a pet heal without pain or discomfort in the process.

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