New Pet Boarding Facility

Introducing Pet Boarding Services at Spring Creek Animal Hospital

If you need someone to care for your kit or pup during the holiday season, why not try our new pet boarding facility at Spring Creek Animal Hospital in San Antonio? Pet boarding offers a viable solution to keeping your pet safe and happy during holiday travels. Many pets don’t like being around strangers or large groups of people. If you’re hosting holiday dinners or parties, your pet may feel more comfortable in the peaceful environment of a kennel where he can enjoy the company of other pets.   

At our boarding facility, your pet can benefit from the following services and more:

Clean, Comfortable Quarters

Our boarding facility is like a home away from home for your pet. We have separate kennels for dog boarding and cat boarding with ample space for your pet to rest, exercise, or play. We encourage you to bring personal items like pet beds, bowls, blankets, and toys for your kit or pup to help him feel at ease in his new surroundings. You can also bring your pet’s favorite food, so they can continue to get the nourishment they are accustomed to during their stay.

Conscientious, Professional Care  

At our facility, we share your concern for the health and welfare of your pet. We offer professional pet boarding services to keep your pet safe and happy while you’re away.  Our staff also spends time with each of our pet tenants daily to help them feel secure and loved. 

Our boarding team includes a professional veterinarian who is available immediately during business hours for emergency care. We’ll evaluate your pet’s health and welfare regularly the entire time he’s in our care. If your pet requires medications, we’ll make sure they get their medications on a regular schedule as prescribed to avoid health problems.

Safety and Security

Our boarding facility is safe and secure, reducing the risk of accidents or your pet escaping and getting lost. We make safety and security a priority to make accidents impossible. When you leave your kit or pup at our kennel, you can have greater confidence that they will be safe while you’re away.  

Bring Your Pet to Our New Pet Boarding Facility!

At Spring Creek Animal Hospital, we offer dog boarding and cat boarding services you can trust. Pet boarding reduces the stress of pet care during the holiday season by providing your pet with safe, trustworthy care. To schedule a tour of our boarding facility or to set aside boarding dates, contact Spring Creek Animal Hospital in San Antonio at 210-599-2131 today.