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Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery From Spring Creek Animal Hospital

A serious injury can happen at any time. This includes both people and animals. If a pet suffers a serious orthopedic injury, they might require the attention of a trained orthopedic surgeon. The idea of a pet having surgery is enough to place any pet owner under a tremendous amount of stress. We want everyone to make sure that they feel comfortable when they come to our office for treatment. The team from Spring Creek Animal Hospital is here to make sure that everyone in the San Antonio, TX area has access to high-quality pet surgery. We have trained and experienced orthopedic surgeons for dogs and cats.

Examples of Injuries that Require Orthopedic Surgery

There are a few common injuries that might require the attention of a trained orthopedic surgeon. The first is a broken bone. While not every broken bone is going to require surgery, a vet is going to use an x-ray image to take a better look at what is happening underneath the surface of the skin. At the bone has been displaced, then an orthopedic surgeon might be needed to place the bone back into place.

Another possible injury that might require the attention of an orthopedic vet iss a torn ligament. Some pets might have ligaments that get torn in their knee or shoulder area. When this happens, a trained orthopedic surgeon will need to fashion a new ligament to restore mobility, flexibility, and range of motion to the limb.

Finally, our orthopedic veterinarians can also help with muscle injuries. Some pets suffer a torn muscle that will not heal on its own. In this situation, an orthopedic surgeon can sew the muscle back together, allowing the pet to heal.

The Treatment Process

On the day of the operation, the pet will be taken back to the operating room. Then, anesthesia will be given to put the pet to sleep. This will keep the pet still and immobilized while the procedure is carried out. Once the procedure is finished, the pet will be taken to the recovery area. Once there, the pet can wake up in a setting that is comfortable. There might be follow-up visits that are needed to make sure that the injury is healing appropriately.

Rely on our Orthopedic Veterinarians in San Antonio

When an animal requires orthopedic surgery, it is normal for pet owners to have a lot of questions. That is why we are here. To learn more about orthopedic surgery and the benefits it provides, please call Spring Creek Animal Hospital in San Antonio at (210) 599-2131 to Make An Appointment with a member of our team. We are here to provide comprehensive healthcare to every animal that comes through our door.